New Arrival! Goodwin Birth Photography Part 1

I had the absolute privilege to photograph an old friends delivery of her firstborn on Friday.  I was able to photograph her maternity photos and this delivery was the total icing on the cake, photographically speaking!

I’ve known Amy and her family for as long as I’ve known my husband.  She was in the youth group that my husband taught when we met and she has always been a friend to us.  Even though I’m not that much older than her, seeing her grow into a beautiful adult and marry and become pregnant has been a wonderful experience!

I arrived Friday knowing that she was going to be induced and what followed was a joyous, love-filled day.  I took over 1500 photos, so this is only a small taste of all I have to share with her.  I’m currently out of town, but I couldn’t wait to share these and have been editing while I’m visiting my mother and sister 🙂

So without further ado: part 1 of Laikyn’s arrival!


Goodwin2-2 Goodwin4-2 Goodwin3-2 Goodwin6-2 Goodwin5-2 Goodwin8-2 Goodwin7-2 Goodwin9-2 Goodwin10-2 Goodwin11-2 Goodwin12-2 Goodwin13-2Goodwin16Goodwin15-2

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