Jackson’s 1st Birthday Party

Recently, a friend from high school who now lives in Chicago contacted me about photographing her son’s 1st birthday party.  She was in town and was having a party at a friend’s house.  So I’d get to take photos of adorable kids and have a mini reunion? Count me in!

The party was rubber ducky themed complete with bubbles and rubber ducky shaped sandwiches.  Jackson got to dig into his first delicious cupcake and he got some great gifts too!

An adorable family!

Digging into his birthday cupcake!

Jackson’s Aunt & Uncle and “Cheesing” Cousin


Mini Ocean Springs High School Reunion!


These people know how to coordinate their clothes wonderfully for a photo!


Working with friends is always wonderful, especially ones you haven’t seen in a while!  It was a great day and I hope Jackson has a happy 1st birthday!