Snapshots of Raleigh, Part II

I’m back from Raleigh, NC but wanted to share more photos from the trip!  Last week I shared these photos, and now here’s another set!

I went to the North Carolina Museum of Art two days in a row last week.  It’s that awesome! There are 2 buildings housing artwork and there are multiple sculptures in the surrounding museum park and trails and I still didn’t get to see everything!  Again, I’d highly recommend a visit there!





I even lost my lens cap twice and had to retrace my steps quite a bit to find it each time!


There are even remains (the smokestack below and some other sculptures) of the old youth prison that was once housed there!raleigh-5-2

Then, the next day, I had the opportunity to go back to the Raleigh Rose Garden and do some portraits with some local models. One of the models was late, so I unfortunately didn’t get many photos with her due to time restraints, but it was still really fun to work with them, as well as the other 2 photographers who were there!

 jenny-15 jenny-19 jenny-10 jenny-13 jenny-6 jenny-8 jenny-1-2

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit. The weather was great, the city was really fun to explore and everyone that I met was extremely nice.  Even that far North (even though NC is still technically the “South”), Southern hospitality is still easy to find!


Snapshots of Raleigh, North Carolina

It’s been too long, I know…

But hey, I’m visiting Raleigh, NC this week and while my husband is doing some job training, I’m getting to explore the city by myself and take as MUCH time as I want photographing whatever I want.  It’s really quite nice to be able to take all the time I want to take all the SHOTS I want!

So far, I’ve visited downtown, the Raleigh Rose Garden, the NCSU JC Raulston Arboretum and the NC Museum of Art.  All of them are free admission and open to the public!  I highly recommend them if you’re ever in the area!  So check out some of my photos from the trip up until now!

These are from today at the North Carolina Museum of Art:







I would highly recommend this museum, it was so large and features tons of different kinds of art.  I’m definitely looking forward to going back tomorrow and exploring the sculptures!

This next set is from yesterday’s trip to the JC Raulston Arboretum:





The arboretum features TONS of various plants that they test to see how they hold up in the local climate.  The gardens range in style from Japanese to coniferous trees to desert cacti! So many different areas and plants (as well as wildlife) to see!

And lastly, I’m sharing some photos from yesterday when I visited the Raleigh Rose Garden:



raleigh-4-8The Raleigh Rose Garden is a quaint little area in the city (near the Arboretum) with thousands of roses.  It is quiet and peaceful and of course, it smells pretty heavenly.

I’m exploring some more until we leave Friday, so be sure to come back this weekend where I’ll share some more photos from my journey!