Fun with Photographers: Kristin W.

Awhile ago I reached out to a Flickr contact I had come across named Kristin.  She seemed really cool and her photo showed she was wearing Rayban Wayfarers just like I love so I knew she had to be awesome!  We ended up meeting a few months later in October 2011 at Walt Disney World for the Magic Kingdom’s 40th Anniversary Flickr meet up and the rest is history!  I visited her last year in Massachusetts, and this past weekend, she and her husband came to visit us!  It’s always fun to hang out with Kristin, she may be “Northern” but she’s really laid back so I’m making her an honorary Southern-er 🙂

She is also one of the 3 founders of our photography site: The Glass Slipper Blog.  If you like Disney, photography, both at the same time or just great photos in general, you should totally check it out!

I drove them around Ocean Springs and Biloxi, they got to experience the Peter Anderson festival and we also got to take them on their first New Orleans trip!  We also took some portraits on the beach and in general, had a nice weekend!  They’ve moved to Pittsburgh since I visited them last year, so maybe next year I can go visit them there!  And, I’m trying to get her to join us at Walt Disney World in the next few months… Here’s hoping that works out too!  Hope you enjoy some of the photos from this weekend!

blog 2

Trip to the Ohr Okeefe Museum of Art

blog 5

Photographing local wildlife 🙂

blog 4

Trip to the Abita Brewery (Free beer!)

blog 3

No New Orleans trip is complete without beignets from the legendary Cafe duMonde

blog 1

More scenes from New Orleans



And before she left, I took some glamour shots for Kristin 🙂




It was such a fun time, I’m so glad they were able to come and visit!  Hope to see them again soon!

Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for the first installation of the Avgerinos wedding photos!

Amy’s Maternity Photos-Ocean Springs, MS

I’m currently “on-call”, as it were, for a new addition to a friend’s family!  When I get the call, I’m headed to the hospital to document her precious birth!  While I wait on word from the expectant mother below, I wanted to share her beautiful maternity photos.

She is a friend of my husband and I and she used to be in our youth group at church.  Now she’s all grown up and having her first child!  How time flies!  She is such a fun and sweet young woman and I can’t wait to see and photograph her little arrival!

Until then, I hope you enjoy these photographs of the beautiful and glowing Amy and her husband John.










Congratulations again you two and I can’t wait to meet your bundle of love!

Much love,



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